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[audio]849 customer oriented eval
project for 849
Keywords: customer oriented evaluation
Downloads: 8
[texts]Service Oriented Architecture Market
A service-oriented architecture (SOA) is the basic structure which supports communications between services. Service-oriented architecture (SOA) describes how two entities interact, such a way as that one entity can perform a unit of work on behalf of another entity.
Keywords: service oriented architecture market
Downloads: 4
[texts]On distributed wargaming in operational C2-systems using object-oriented programming languages - Huber, Reiner K.;Wozencraft, John M.
Title from cover
Downloads: 58
[texts]Association algebra : a mathematical foundation for object-oriented databases - Guo, Mingsen
Keywords: Object-oriented databases
Downloads: 166
[unknown]Course 04: Basic Object Oriented Programming (ArsDigita University)
The concepts of the Object-oriented paradigm using Java. The basic principles of software engineering are emphasized. We study how to design and think in an object oriented fashion. As a final project, students work in groups to develop a Gnutella distributed music-sharing client. Text: Core Java 2, Volume I: Fundamentals and Volume II: Advanced Features,Hortsmann and Cornell. Requirements: One exam, two problem sets, one project.
Keywords: object oriented programming
Downloads: 140,473 3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars(3 reviews)
[movies]CIS140 Lecture Screencast: ClickableSun - Phil Ventura
An introductory object-oriented programming lecture dealing with inheritance and overriding.
Keywords: lecture; object-oriented; inheritance; overriding
Downloads: 82
[texts]K : an object-oriented knowledge-base programming language for software development and prototyping - Shyy, Yuh-Ming, 1959-
Keywords: Database management; Object-oriented databases
Downloads: 355
[texts]Service-based Enterprise Application Integration - Chen Rong
Information sharing and collaboration brings about interest of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) for âislands of information coherenceâ in the organizaiton. EAI actually can be an elastic framework based on Service-oriented Architecture (SOA), developed from the bottom up by means of existing technologies. This paper introduces Message-oriented Middleware (MOM) with detail explanation on its implementation framework and operational priciples, and proposes an approch to build a flexible ...
Keywords: service-oriented architecture; enterprise application
Downloads: 122
[texts]Building object applications that work : your step-by-step handbook for developing robust systems with object technology - Ambler, Scott W., 1966-
Includes bibliographical references and index
Keywords: Object-oriented methods (Computer science); Application software
Downloads: 3
[texts]Aspect-Oriented Instrumentation for Capturing Task- Based Event Traces
User interface events provide valuable informationabout user behavior with respect to an application’s userinterface and therefore are considered as an important sourceof data for usability evaluation. Since usability evaluation isbased on tasks that users perform, it is crucial to capture userinterface events with sufficient information for taskidentification. However, how to make it possible is still anopen question...
Keywords: Software Engineering; Tool Support; Aspect- Oriented Programming
Downloads: 2
[texts]Data partitioning, query processing and optimization techniques for parallel object-oriented databases - Huang, Ying
Keywords: Object-oriented databases; Parallel processing (Electronic computers
Downloads: 95
[texts]Realist Magic: Objects, Ontology, Causality - Timothy Morton
Object-oriented ontology offers a startlingly fresh way to think about causality that takes into account developments in physics since 1900. Causality, argues, Object Oriented Ontology (OOO), is aesthetic. In this book, Timothy Morton explores what it means to say that a thing has come into being, that it is persisting, and that it has ended. Drawing from examples in physics, biology, ecology, art, literature and music, Morton demonstrates the counterintuitive yet elegant explanatory power of OO...
Keywords: Object Oriented Philosophy; Ontology; Causality; Realism; Aesthetics
Downloads: 26
[audio]Of Planet-Sense - Timothy Morton
A talk by Tim Morton given at NIEA, Sydney, August 25, 2012.
Keywords: ecology; anthropocene; OOO; object-oriented ontology; Avatar
Downloads: 163
[texts]Building an object model of a legacy simulation - Larimer, Larry R
Thesis advisor, Arnold Buss
Downloads: 103
[texts]Principles of Object-Oriented Programming - Dung Nguyen

Keywords: object oriented; computer-science; programming; computer science
Downloads: 251
[audio]She Walks in Beauty like the Night in which All Cows Are Black: Byron's Nonhuman - Timothy Morton
A talk by Tim Morton at the International Byron Conference, King's College London University, July 3, 2013. 
Keywords: Byron; object-oriented ontology; philosophy; ecology; Anthropocene
Downloads: 207
[texts]Data oriented and Process oriented Strategies for Legacy Information Systems Reengineering
The legacy information systems often implementmanual data updates for information obtained from externalsystems. The manual updates are cumbersome, error prone,and expensive. The legacy systems miss interfaces to externalsystems that could be used for automatic updates of systemdata. Moreover, the legacy systems also lack extensions tosupplier or customer systems that are essential for creatingsupply chain relationships...
Keywords: Legacy system; Data oriented model; Process oriented model; System reengineering; Data structure
Downloads: 5
[texts]An object-oriented design methodology - de Paula, Everton G.;Nelson, Michael L.
Title from cover
Downloads: 111
[texts]Introspection-An Optimal Technique for Dynamic Analysis of Object Oriented Programs
In last few years, Dynamic metrics was hot area of research in software engineering. A number of studies have explored how dynamic analysis can measure the quality of Object Oriented Software. Most of the studies utilized dynamic coupling, cohesion and complexity metrics to assess the quality of software. Unfortunately, the use of such metrics has not been practically validated. They were just implemented on small programs and their use for practical applications has so far not been thoroughly i...
Keywords: Dynamic Metrics; Object Oriented Programming; Dynamic Analysis; Software Quality
Downloads: 3
[texts]Aerodynamic characteristics at Mach numbers from 2.29 to 4.65 of 80 deg swept arrow wings with and without camber and twist - Hasson, D. F.
No Abstract Available
Downloads: 61
[audio]Sense of Planet Roundtable - Timothy Morton
A roundtable featuring Douglas Kahn, Timothy Morton, Jill Bennett, Nicholas Mirzoeff, Ursula Heise, Jennifer Gabrys, Marko Peljhan and Terry Smith. August 25, 2012, NIEA, Sydney.
Keywords: philosophy; art; global warming; Deleuze; object-oriented ontology
Downloads: 124
[texts]Approach for Input Uncertainty Propagation and Robust Design in CFD Using Sensitivity Derivatives - Putko, Michele M.
An implementation of the approximate statistical moment method for uncertainty propagation and robust optimization for quasi 3-D Euler CFD code is presented. Given uncertainties in statistically independent, random, normally distributed input variables, first- and second-order statistical moment procedures are performed to approximate the uncertainty in the CFD output. Efficient calculation of both first- and second-order sensitivity derivatives is required...
Downloads: 75
[audio]Roundtable with Tim Morton, Ursula Heise, Cate Sandilands, Jorge Marcone, Rob Nixon - Timothy Morton
A roundtable on ecology and the humanities featuring Tim Morton, Ursula Heise, Cate Sandilands, Jorge Marcone, and Rob Nixon. At âCross-Cultural Ecocriticisms: Waves and Undertows,â Rutgers University, February 25, 2011.
Keywords: object-oriented ontology; ecology; hyerpobjects; Buddhism; philosophy; global warming
Downloads: 144
[audio]Tim Morton, “Hyperobjects 4.0” and Ed Cohen, response - Timothy Morton
A talk by Tim Morton and a response by Ed Cohen at âCross-Cultural Ecocriticism(s): Waves and Undertows,â Rutgers University, February 25, 2011.
Keywords: object-oriented ontology; ecology; hyerpobjects; Buddhism; philosophy; global warming
Downloads: 46
[texts]Structure-function-control paradigm for knowledge-based modeling and design of manufacturing workcells - Papaconstantinou, Constantinos A.
Keywords: Object-oriented databases; Expert systems (Computer science); Petri nets
Downloads: 114
[collection]star-whores - Gianluca Licciardi
Keywords: Italian Dance, House & Electro-pop oriented net label
Downloads: 63
[audio]AFter Queer, After Humanism: A Roundtable - Timothy Morton
A roundtable at the conference After Queer, After Humanism, at Rice University, September 15, 2012. Featuring Timothy Morton, Judith Roof, Renee Hoogland, Joseph Campana, James Faubion, Colleen Lamos.
Keywords: queer theory; object-oriented ontology; ecology; Anthropocene; sexuality; Foucault; law
Downloads: 160
[audio]Bristles - Timothy Morton
A talk by Timothy Morton at MEMSI, George Washington University, November 15, 2013. 
Keywords: Tim Morton; Timothy Morton; objects; object-oriented ontology; causality; ecology
Downloads: 186
[audio]Roundtable with Tim Morton, Ursula Heise, Cate Sandilands, Rob Nixon - Timothy Morton
A roundtable on ecology and the humanities featuring Tim Morton, Ursula Heise, Cate Sandilands, and Rob Nixon. At âCross-Cultural Ecocriticism(s): Waves and Undertows,â Rutgers University, February 25, 2011.
Keywords: ecology; object-oriented ontology; global warming; philosophy; plutonium; nuclear materials
Downloads: 38
[texts]Astrometry of Single-Chord Occultations: Application to the 1993 Triton Event - Olkin, Catherine B.
This paper outlines a method for reducing astrometric data to derive the closest approach time and distance to the center of an occultation shadow for a single observer. The method applies to CCD frames, strip scans or photographic plates and uses a set of field stars of unknown positions to define a common coordinate system for all frames. The motion of the occulting body is used to establish the transformation between this common coordinate system and the celestial coordinate system of the bod...
Downloads: 71
[audio]Hyperobjects - Timothy Morton
A lecture and q&a by Timothy Morton at CalArts, October 7 2010
Keywords: ecology; object-oriented ontology; global warming; philosophy; plutonium; nuclear materials
Downloads: 97
[texts]A Linux Workstation for High Performance Graphics - Geist, Robert
The primary goal of this effort was to provide a low-cost method of obtaining high-performance 3-D graphics using an industry standard library (OpenGL) on PC class computers. Previously, users interested in doing substantial visualization or graphical manipulation were constrained to using specialized, custom hardware most often found in computers from Silicon Graphics (SGI). We provided an alternative to expensive SGI hardware by taking advantage of third-party, 3-D graphics accelerators that h...
Downloads: 117
[audio]Fear of Nothing: Heidegger's Buddhism - Timothy Morton
A talk by Tim Norton given at the ALSCW conference, Claremont College, March 10, 2012.
Keywords: Heidegger; Buddhism; object-oriented ontology; nihilism; Zen; nothingness; Joan Stambaugh
Downloads: 372
[texts]Conceptual modeling : an object-oriented approach to requirements specification - Duggins, Sheryl L.
Keywords: Computer software; Computer programs; Object-oriented programming (Computer science)
Downloads: 89
[audio]Sublime Objects - Timothy Morton
A talk by Tim Morton at "Hello Everything" philosophy symposium, UCLA, December 1, 2010.
Keywords: object-oriented ontology; sublime; Longinus; rhetoric; globa warming; ecology; hyperobjects
Downloads: 340
[texts]Lynda Object Oriented Programming With PHP Omati.net
Lynda - Object-Oriented Programming with PHP omati.net
Keywords: Lynda - Object-Oriented Programming with PHP omati.net
Downloads: 362
[audio]How to Read Any Poem, Anywhere Class 2 - Timothy Morton
Second in a series of 20 classes taught by Tim Morton at UC Davis, on January 12, 2012.
Keywords: poetry; poetics; close reading; object-oriented ontology; space; death; objects
Downloads: 266
[audio]Object Oriented Ontology: Timely Thoughts
Peter Gratton, author of Speculative Realism: Problems and Prospects, on the Object Oriented Ontologies of recent note. 
Keywords: OOO; Object-Oriented-Ontology; Peter-Gratton; Speculative Realism; SR
Downloads: 358
[texts]Object-oriented modeling of the communications networks of the MAGTF - Bailey, Michael P.;Kemple, Michael G.;Sovereign, Michael G.;West, Michael.;Chase, Charles.;Reese, Casey.
Title from cover
Downloads: 34
[audio]Ian Bogost and Graham Harman talks - Timothy Morton
Talks by Ian Bogost and Graham Harman at the "Hello Everything" philosophy symposium
Keywords: Graham Harman; object-oriented ontology; philosophy; Ian Bogost; software; computers
Downloads: 366
[texts]First Estimates of the Radiative Forcing of Aerosols Generated from Biomass Burning using Satellite Data - Chistopher, Sundar A.
Collocated measurements from the Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) and the Earth Radiation Budget Experiment (ERBE) scanner are used to examine the radiative forcing of atmospheric aerosols generated from biomass burning for 13 images in South America. Using the AVHRR, Local Area Coverage (LAC) data, a new technique based on a combination of spectral and textural measures is developed for detecting these aerosols...
Downloads: 91
[audio]Result Oriented Action March 24 2014 - MWK
Result Oriented Action | March 24, 2014.mp3
Keywords: Result Oriented Action | March 24; 2014.mp3
Downloads: 69
[audio]Promiscuous Ontologies - Timothy Morton
A panel on object-oriented ontology at RMMLA, Albuquerque, New Mexico, October 15, 2010. Featuring Levi Bryant, Ian Bogost and Timothy Morton. Moderated by Jeffrey Bell.
Keywords: object-oriented ontology; philosophy; global warming; structuralism; carpentry; computer games
Downloads: 641
[texts]Holographic Optical Elements as Scanning Lidar Telescopes - Schwemmer, Geary K.
We have developed and investigated the use of holographic optical elements (HOEs) and holographic transmission gratings for scanning lidar telescopes. For example, rotating a flat HOE in its own plane with the focal spot on the rotation axis makes a very simple and compact conical scanning telescope. We developed and tested transmission and reflection HOEs for use at the first three harmonic wavelengths of Nd:YAG lasers...
Downloads: 105
[movies]MIT 6.01SC Introduction to Electrical Engineering and Computer Science I, Spring 2011
Instructor: Dennis Freeman, Kendra Pugh This course provides an integrated introduction to electrical engineering and computer science, including modern software engineering, linear systems analysis, electronic circuits, and decision-making. The lecture videos provide an overview of each topic, while the recitation videos are designed to review key concepts. View the complete course: http://ocw.mit.edu/6-01SCS11
Keywords: object-oriented programming; signals and systems; circuits; probability; search
Downloads: 23,418
Keywords: Object-Oriented_Programming_in_C____4th_Edition_.pdf
Downloads: 1,409
[audio]Earworms - Timothy Morton
A talk by Tim Morton at Tuned City Brussels, Brussels, Belgium, June 30, 2013. 
Keywords: sound; music; object-oriented ontology; noise; Kant; philosophy; ecology; Anthropocene
Downloads: 371
[texts]Introdction to Object-Oriented Programing Using Visual C# Express Edition - T. Grandon Gill

Keywords: c#; programming; object-oriented; visual; computer science; computer-science
Downloads: 175
[texts]KBMS-based evolutionary prototyping of object-oriented software systems - Chatterjee, Raja
Keywords: Computer software--Development; Rule-based programming; Object-oriented databases
Downloads: 143
[audio]A History of Speculative Realism and Object-Oriented Ontology - Timothy Morton
A lecture by Graham Harman at "Hello Everything" philosophy symposium, UCLA, December 1, 2010.
Keywords: Graham Harman; object-oriented ontology; philosophy; speculative realism
Downloads: 1,584
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